Published on April 5, 2013, 11:03 am

Taxis serving the airport of Minas Gerais want consensus

The taxi system of Confins, Belo Horizonte and Lagoa Santa seek integration in the way of serving the Confins airport. The measure may be finally achieved in the first half of May, with the discussion of the expansion of operations in Tancredo Neves International Airport.

João Afonso Costa Baêta Machado, director of the Surveillance Department of Roads (DER-MG), believes that local governments could reach a consensus without interference from the state government.

However, the ruling does not rule out that the state government firm a covenant through Setop if there is no such consensus among municipalities.
The rates today are expensive because many of the taxis that take passengers from the airport to Belo Horizonte end up returning without passengers, and the reverse happens with taxis and Lagoa Santa and Confins.