Published on June 17, 2013, 12:31 pm

Expansion of Confins airport is a challenge to Belo Horizonte

To cater to tourism, Belo Horizonte need to improve the facilities of its terminals aviators. The region has two airports, the Pampulha and Tancredo Neves (Confins), but this is the only which makes operations with larger aircraft.

However, the Confins airport undergoes modernization work to expand their capacity.

According to Rodrigo Prada, director of Portal 2014, the capacity of Confins is 10.2 million annual passengers, but 10.4 million passed by the terminal in 2012. The situation at the airport is considered sensitive, especially if the works in Terminal 3 will not be ready.

According to Infraero, Terminal 3 will only be ready in March 2014, taking the airport capacity of 15.5 million per year. To meet the demand of the Confederations Cup, the airport will increase by 32% of its effective.

Another problem cited by Sinaenco (Union of Architecture and Engineering) is a deficiency in the hotel industry in the city.