Published on June 27, 2013, 10:41 am

Secretariat of Civil Aviation gives awards to airports with better service

According to the announcement made on Tuesday (25), the Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SAC) will create an award from this year to encourage airports to present the best performance in service to their passengers.

The airport Prize winner, which was named Boa Travel Award, will be known in August. This year, the airports participants will be the six host cities of the FIFA Confederations more the Guarulhos airport.

Passengers using these airports from June 10 until July 5 are being invited to give their opinions on 21 quality indicators. Finallythe Secretariat of Civil Aviation will award airports that stand out more in the following categories: check-in, baggage claim, security inspection, immigration control, customs and airport environment.

Will also be elected the airports wich provide the best support service to the tourist and those which have better evaluation of passenger satisfaction. Each category will reward a competitor with a trophy and a plaque.

The award is supported by Embratur.

With G1 informations