Published on July 11, 2013, 12:01 pm

Brazilian Hotel brand wants to double units by 2015

The Hotel Chain of Hotels Arco plans to double the number of units until 2015. The network already has seven units in developing standard operating on the own mode of the chain. The company also owns the hotel Niagara Flat and two flags.

According to the superintendent of the network Arco, Rodrigo Magerotti, Brazil needs of companies that offer good services at affordable prices, which opens a wide field for the Arco. The network aims to meet the demand for hotels of medium and economic levels, serving the public and corporate events.

Until 2015 will be opened new ventures, such as San Diego Express Palmares, San Diego Suites  Governador Valadares, San Diego Sete Lagoas, San Diego Suites Colac – ES, San Diego Express Aeroporto Pampulha, San Diego Suites Liberdade- BH and San Diego Suites Viçosa.