Published on October 18, 2012, 5:20 pm

Government gives up conditions for granting Confins-MG and Galeão-RJ

The Planalto Palace has decided to grant Confins (in Belo Horizonte) and Galeão (in Rio de Janeiro) airports to private companies in the same model previously granted, due to low investors interest.

The disinterest of investors came from the fact that Infraero would be the majority shareholder. Even after traveling to Europe in search of big companies and consortia have failed to achieve their goals.

The idea of ​​having Infraero as majority shareholder emerged after the debriefing at the Planalto Palace have noted that the three airports auctioned were raptured by companies without much experience in the industry.

Even going back on the decision to create new conditions for new concessions, the government should tighten the rules. Companies will have to demonstrate experience in international terminals with at least 40 million passengers. The granting of the first three airports asking that number was at least 5 million.

The official announcement should be made ​​after the second round of Brazilian municipal elections.