Published on November 1, 2012, 6:36 pm

Works in Confins airport will not be ready before World Cup

The airports of Confins, in Minas Gerais, and the Galleon, in Rio de Janeiro, even being the next on the list of government to be auctioned to dealerships, their works will hardly be completed before the World Cup Football in 2014.

This is because the new managers of the airports will only take control of them shortly before the football event, which would hamper any meaningful reform before the biggest football league.

Meanwhile, Infraero continues to manage the Confins airport and his works, which are still restricted to Terminal 3, also called “puxadinho.”

Despite the difficulty in hitting the bid of airports, Luiz Antonio Athayde, Undersecretary of Strategic Investments of the Department of Economic Development of the State asserts that this is not the problem walking delaying the works. “We’ll have a compact set of works to the event and it is expected that adequately meets the flow of tourists,” he said when addressing the reform of Terminal 1, the building of Terminal 3, with provisional character, and completion of the new airport access.

However, Athayde not deny the importance of private investment to accelerate the post-World Cup, because then there will be more structured conditions for Confins attends 20 million passengers annually by 2020.

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